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ArtQueen has a stable of artists that are recommended for your next exhibition at the company, hotel, hospital, shop, art association. Obviously, so is there a wider range of multi-represented artists in the textile, forgings, fittings, mixmedia.

Important sooner conditions that apply to all the artists represented on ArtQueens website.


It is important that you as the artist takes part of this information so that no misunderstanding or ambiguity exists between us as their partner.
Artqueen represent yourself as an artist in businesses, hotels, restaurants, etc. and gives lectures about you and your art to conferences, business meetings, meetings with local authorities, tourist offices, etc.

Some of the companies contracting with Artqueen and would then of course be the only ones that just show your art in this business. In this case, it is crucial that it remains exclusive and unique with your representation of their business and they obviously do not want to see that you also show your art, for example the hotel next door.


Therefore it is important to know the following:
When booking you up on each. location so you must understand that you can not set out on a similar or competing location next to the client.

With similar location meant as restaurants, hotels or other type of similar business.


If you as an artist is invited to another show in the same city as Artqueen represents you, and you already have an ongoing exhibition of Art Queen, so please contact Rebecca Salomonsson, President of Art Queen for
more information.


Galleries, juried exhibitions, group exhibitions with art associations, etc., are not included in this category.

Before each new exhibition where you are represented by Artqueen sent out an agreement where the above conditions must be approved and submitted to Artqueen latest on the date of submission of your artwork.

Artqueen reserves the right to suspend cooperation with artists whose works contain offensive / discrimination / racist and similar symbols and / or texts.


For other questions regarding the terms, please contact Rebecca Salomonsson, President Artqueen, Tel: 0768-96 40 10

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