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 ArtQueen gjord av Anders Stone
 ArtQueen gjord av Srinath Kale

Rebecca started her art career in March 2008 by introducing art in the restaurant at Quality Hotel Grand in Kristianstad. The month-long exhibition quickly became popular and the interest of artists led to the first year, quickly became fully booked. These monthly exhibitions continues today with a long line of artists who want to exhibit at the hotel.


In February 2009, the youth Robert Aschberg and Gert Fylkingen from Ystad to Haparanda to raise money for research into prostate cancer. The two gentlemen stop in Kristianstad and take in the Quality Hotel Grand and Rebecca are not late to organize an art auction to help with the collection. The evening was a success, collecting 15 500 kr! This attention both in television and in the press.

A few months later, in connection with Easter art tours, Rebecca opens the doors to an art exhibition at the hotel where the house's various rooms, hotel rooms, conference rooms and corridors, changed shape to galleries in various formats. 53 exhibitors are scattered around the hotel in the first year. Visitors are offered in addition to the diverse arts scene even in the form of theater and music. Kristianstad has suddenly gained a new art stadium!

In November, the same year, it is time for the next Rebecca Project at the hotel. Alexander Johansson, owner of the largest drawing collection exhibit for one month and visitors from all over Skåne and Denmark are there. The menu in the restaurant adapted to the exhibition and guests can enjoy Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's favorite dishes. This drawing exhibition turned out to be the largest of its kind.
Easter Round 2010: 63 exhibitors are in place and the art permeates the entire hotel. Stora Torg enthroned La Grande Bébé, the world's largest doll, created by Jonathan Haner and Teresa Holmberg. The large baby serves as eye-catcher and gateway to the exhibition in the hotel. This year Rebecca has succeeded in Kristianstad municipality interested in the artistic project why they are also partners. On skärtorsdageninviger author and Performing verifier Björn Ranelid it all with great style.

TV and radio are in place and the entire city is marketed. Success!!
For Easter Round 2011, the number of artists has grown to 83. Ann-Louise Hansson and her choir from "Clash of the Choirs" will inaugurate the exhibition. The hotel showcases, sold and spoken arts intensively for 4 days while music, theater and dance share the space downstairs in the Grands night club. Rebecca and Ra Ra Superstar from Los Angeles interviewed
in Radio Kristianstad same night organized for the first time "After Art 'with music, dance performances, artist drinks and much more. Again Easter round a success !! Kristianstad is on the art map.
Rebecca has with his outgoing manner, and interest in the arts and people over the years built up a large network of contacts both with artists and art associations. She has in recent exhibitions have also realized the artists need to have the opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate their art. From this, the idea of ​​starting their own emerged, to function as a kind of "art manager" in the consulting form. Besides providing and book exhibitions like Rebecca also organize different kind of events, happenings and installations along with creative artists.

An Art Queen is born !!

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